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Circular Textiles for Muji

This project was a co-lab with Muji. The brief was to create an in-store container of maximum 60 x 60 cm floorspace for textile recycling together with the Siptex textile sorting project. 

Siptex in their turn co labs with Renewcell that recycle cotton into a new raw material they call Circulose. 

Circulose resemble big paper sheets but can then be dissolved and turned into viscose. I really loved the thought of an actual circular way of recycling cotton, that in itself is a very resource consuming raw material to produce. This resulted in the bin being covered in a weave of Circulose to invite to a conversation about what happens to the clothes after we submit them for recycling.

When you leave a garment in the bin you then cut a piece of cord made from recycled cotton and tie it to the circualr symbolic 'tree' to visualise your participant in the circular movement and watch it grow.

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